Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sealy Deeper Sleeper Panel: Yoga Sleep Experience

I was pleased when my second Sealy’s sleep experience delivery arrived; if I am honest I have been finding it harder to sleep than usual.  The school have planned some last minute changes to the classes, which had not been communicated to the parents till the final hour.  I am really worrying about the impact they will have on my children’s education.  

It’s one of those moments of sheer panic because no one is clear about what is actually going on, its not been explained to us just thrown upon us will the expectation that we just get on with it and appreciate the school have their best interests at heart!  I am sure in the same situation the teachers themselves would be worried for their own children and I am one that likes to think things through considering ALL our options or just pondering (late into the night) about possible solutions to avoid that chosen path completely.

Fortunately having a bumper delivery of yoga goodies from Sealy to turn to was a great way to relax and unwind instead of all this thinking!!!  

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That worry and anxiety that was stopping me from sleeping was a real issue, but fortunately yoga really calmed my mind.  It’s a great form of exercise and as a parent it’s handy having a DVD because with childcare commitments I find it hard to stick to classes outside the home as hubbie is not always home to look after the boys. 

I tend to get really restless feet and the more aware I am of not being able to nod off the more I panic I will be sleep deprived the following day.  I worry I will not be as patient with the boys because I am tired and run down.  Although changes to my diet had seen improvement because of the latest education worries I need more and yoga certainly relieved some of my tension when I did a workout of an evening.  I have felt more peaceful and I think its something worth continuing when I can squeeze a workout in.  I want to prioritise my blog work so it does not consume my evenings anymore so I can dedicate more time to unwinding before sleep.  

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