Friday, 3 July 2015

Umbra Clipline Photo Display Review

I am really enjoying how my photo wall is developing and the latest addition from Red Candy is very welcome to the growing collection.  The clipline is more unusual than your average photo frame and it’s a great way to show off your pictures more inventively.  There are eight little pegs (four on each line) that you can use to display your favourite ones and it’s easy enough to swap them with new ones when you fancy a change.

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I think the pictures it came with show the frame off better than the ones I picked myself because they use the space more effectively.

I do plan on finding more suitable ones but they are ones I already had to hand, it showed me how little we actually order pictures instead everything is on computers these days so I had a very limited choice.  I think I will have to start printing more off as photos are fantastic to have.

I think the frame works well with a combination of text and photographs so I will be thinking hard about what to include in mine next time.  Perhaps even some of the boys smaller artwork, whatever they are proud of at the moment so they can see just how clever mummy thinks they are!  You have quite a lot of flexibility with what you can feature; I do love versatile products like this that suit your lifestyle perfectly.  If you’re a collector of postcards or recipes these could be shown off instead, whatever matters to you!

For £33 it’s a reasonable price for a quality product.  I would say it makes a thoughtful gift for friends and family especially if you populate it with pictures that mean something to them in advance.  Photos are memories of those wonderful times you have had together.  I like adding as many as possible so the boys can see they do have a good life (as much as they complain to the contrary!).

Red Candy is a wonderful site so many quirky and original products that catch your eye and transform your home or office space.  I have seen a few more photo frames I would like for the wall, so I will be nudging hubbie and my parents that way this Christmas.

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  1. Wow!! Its looks mind blowing. Thanks for sharing this.