Wednesday, 15 July 2015

We went bananas #FrubesCinemaTrip

We regularly have Frubes at home; I like to give the boys something to help build their bones before sending them off to breakfast club at school.  When the boys used to have lunch boxes they would always find Frubes waiting for them because conveniently they can keep for up to 8 hours out of the fridge.

Last weekend we were very eager to be heading to Cineworld to watch the new Minions film as part of our partnership with Frubes.  It is the build up to an exciting event at Whipsnade Zoo we are scheduled to attend during the summer holidays.  We are all excitedly counting down the sleeps because quite the adventure is planned for us all.

We stopped by at Asda first to pick up some new banana flavour Frubes, given how much Minions love bananas I was worried they might pop out of somewhere and try and leg it with our delicious yogurts!  Fortunately we made it to the cinema without Kevin, Stuart and Bob appearing!!!

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The yogurts were on special offer so only £1 (normally RRP of £2) for a pack of 9, so excellent value, probably at that price the Minions just get their latest “boss” to buy them… 

The proved to be the perfect cinema fare instead of the boys usual sugary sweets, without any added colours and artificial sweeteners they are a much better alternative but still very appealing to children.  The packaging is fascinating for children because it comes with little Minion Vision glasses you can cut out; the boys think these are very clever and you can even use them to enter to win Minions of prizes!

I too tried the new banana flavour and I personally loved it (as did all the children), I really hope the limited edition is here to stay!  I think my eldest son's t-shirt "One Is Never Enough" applies to banana Frubes not just minions as we all could have quite happily ate more than one.

The boys (and their friend) were very high-spirited but when the film went on they sat completely enthralled in everything Minions.  It is such a funny film, the minions are hilarious to watch and secretly we all wished we were powerful (or interesting!) enough to command a minion army of our own!!!  It’s fabulous watching the back-story of the minions and learning how they came to be before life with Gru.

Thank you Frubes for the opportunity.

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  1. Looks like you had great fun, didn't realise Frubes were ok to be out of the fridge that long - useful to know as we embark on picnic season. Have fun at Whipsnade - we love it there.