Friday, 17 July 2015

Wicked Uncle Review

This is my first experience ordering from the Wicked Uncle site and I thought it was relatively straightforward to navigate.  I like that you can search easily for appropriate gifts for children by age and popularity. 

I might be clued up on suitable toys for boys aged between 6 and 8 but when it comes to my nieces or children outside my boys age range I quickly lose touch with what would be well received.  Whenever I pick out a present I want the child to like it, I would hate for them to feel disappointed, so its important to me that I order from sites tailored perfectly to the target age group.

Wicked Uncle is there to help the uncles, aunties, godparents and grandparents make the right purchasing decision.  If you do not have children yourself or they are long grown up (and flown the nest!) then it can be quite daunting picking out presents.  My mum just gives me money to choose something but now we have stumbled upon this site she might actually prefer to have a good browse herself.

The range of gifts is vast with plenty to suit the adventurer, explorer types or those who prefer crafting.  It’s useful having an extensive choice that does not require children to be stuck in front of a screen (the boys preferred option at the moment so doing my best to motivate them to try other things!).  I like that many of the toys require them to be energetic or use their imagination.  They also have opportunities to learn more about the world around them.  The options seem very educational so I would definitely be happy to order again and recommend to others to see what the site has to offer.

I also have a dreadful memory so I love that the site enables you to add birthday reminders so do not forget an important date!  When you are juggling lots of different things it can be tricky to remember everything but some children have long unforgiving memories so its best to make sure you get an email reminder as a helping hand!

When you have added everything to your basket you have the option of wrapping presents and adding a handwritten card, which is a useful feature if you are not there yourself to hand over the gift.  A handwritten card is also a more thoughtful gesture than a typed message.  They also included a pre-filled thank you postcard which is one way to encourage polite behaviour in children as its always nice to have a thank you when you manage to order a brilliant present they love!

This is what I ordered, ideal as a start to our Christmas shopping, two action toys for my lively boys and the story cubes to build on their story telling skills.  I will certainly be adding more presents from the age 8 category before December.

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  1. We love this site....I will sure be using it for shopping for my girls birthdays and Christmas presents x

  2. I love the variation of ideas on Wicked Uncle - we have those Story Cubes, great idea.