Friday, 14 August 2015

Blogging Trips

During April to say November we are always off somewhere in the car, its our busy blogging time with lots of events to attend and big distances to cover.  We have been fortunate this year with lots of great places to visit, Hatton Adventure World, Shrek’s Adventure and Ripley’s Believe It or Not to name but a few and the schedule shows no sign of slowing until we reach our usual cut off point (a break for the winter when the road conditions might be more problematic!).

But its not all rainbows and fairy dust heck no, the boys can be hard work travelling for such a length of time, we live in the middle of nowhere so everywhere seems to mean a considerable car journey!  They get royally fed up with being cooped up in the car, the grumbles start, the sibling fighting escalates and poor hubbie and I slowly lose our (what’s left) of our sanity!  We debate why exactly we are bothering when all they do is whine but then we arrive at our destination and have yet another fabulous day out and create more beautiful family memories together we remember why we actually do it!

We always have those hard travel sweets stocked in the car as they can be a handy motivator for the kids to behave - not that sweets should be used in this way normally, but on a six hour journey it can be desperate measures!  The last thing you need on top of irritable kids is car troubles, so make sure you do your basic maintenance, top up on water, oil, windscreen washer and whatever you do make sure you have car breakdown cover in place.   

I try and split the journey into more manageable chunks, so we all have a little silver lining along the way, whether it’s a service station break to top-up on cake or a park to stretch their legs!  At certain points if it gets particularly bad and we really cannot face another round of guess the animal then I hand them my mobile and the pair of them share game time to pass more of the journey amicably.

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