Tuesday, 11 August 2015

In need of inspiration

Our dining room is currently an eyesore, if anything it looks worse than it did when we first moved in back in June 2014.  We ripped out the old brick surround, took away the suspended ceiling and made a start stripping the prehistoric wallpaper, then lost our motivation to continue…  (And our bank balance had unfortunately dwindled on other renovation projects – having 33 new windows fitted is quite a sting to finances!).

The problem with renovation if you do not crack on quickly enough you lose momentum and start getting used to living in a room that looks like that!  It’s only when we have visitors in the shape of brutally honest children that we realise just quite how bad it is!!!  They speak their mind and have told us in no uncertain terms just how dreadful the room looks.

With more social gatherings planned over the next few months I want the house looking more presentable.  Even though the main expense for the room is a log burner there are still bits we could improve until then, probably boxing in the space we had ripped out and also just giving the room a lick of paint would instantly refresh it!  Some of the walls are currently blood red in parts because of the old paint that had been used many years ago…

It’s a very dark room, probably the darkest in the house, it would benefit from additional lighting, and we could try and incorporate more natural light using light tubes as we have two convenient holes that could be used for this purpose.

I love looking at ideabook websites for inspiration; they have lots of photographs that can help you with your creative vision.  I prefer the very white rooms as they help brighten up the space.  I want quite simple furnishings and décor.  Sites like these are useful if you are unsure how to develop the theme you want, having pictures to give you ideas makes the design process that much simpler.

These diningroom ideas have certainly given me guidance about the best colours to use and how to achieve a modern dining room without it being industrial (I find that too cold!).

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