Thursday, 6 August 2015

In Search of Nessie

We had a summer bucket list of some of the things we wanted to do over the holidays but it has started expanding to cover more activities, I think I have been cramming in so much as possible because the boys are getting a bit fed up of each others company.  But because we have done certain attractions so many times I think the boys need a new adventure, something completely different to capture their interest and enthusiasm. 

So I was thinking a day trip in search of the Loch Ness Monster, for one they have not had a proper cruise on a lake so that will be a novelty in its self.  Also my eldest read a book lately all about mysterious monsters and it has made him curious to learn more about each one.  Practically Loch Ness is easier to get to than Transylvania in search of Dracula, so I think it makes a good starting point.

I do love developing inquisitive minds and this cruise would allow us all to discover all the tales of the evasive monster.  I went to Scotland as a child and we completely missed this landmark sadly, which is a real shame!  My mum focused our trip around Edinburgh Castle and Gretna Green (I think she had a thing for men in kilts!) from what I recall so we did not have a chance to try and spot Nessie.

Since the first photograph in 1933 people have been desperate for sightings of the monster.  I can just imagine the boys on a boat eagerly scanning the water keeping an eye out for anything vaguely monster shaped!  At the very least it should make for a peaceful boat ride with them so happily occupied.  I like how certain boats have live sonar so you feel completely absorbed tracking Nessie.

Scotland is such a picturesque part of the world too so even if your search does not yield an actual sighting of the monster itself, you can soak in the atmosphere onboard the cruise and admire the almost fairy-tale castle in the distance.

The cruise can vary in length from 60 minutes to 7 hours!  So book depending on how long you think your children could happily cope being out on the lake.  My two managed to have a full blown argument in the London Eye capsule but these boats would give me enough space to distance them better and the excitement of potentially spotting Nessie should keep them out of mischief!

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  1. Looks lovely. We have a Summer bucket list too. But only one week left x