Monday, 31 August 2015

Inside Out Merchandise

Last week we finally had a chance to watch Inside Out at the cinema, it was such a great film.  I was unsure how it would work when we had only seen a trailer but we were completely absorbed.  It really makes you think more about emotions and how what you say and do can affect other people.  I vowed to go around filled with joy afterwards but that was short lived!!!  It’s hard to keep smiling when the boys insist on squabbling sooo very much.

Fortunately we were sent a bundle of Inside Out products from the Disney Store so hopefully that will remind me of the key messages of the film, especially as the plush we were sent was none other than Joy.  It is a really delightful toy, with lots of glitter to make the hair and arms sparkle slightly.  My boys turned their nose up at it, which is a good thing really, as I know a little girl who Joy is just perfect for.

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The Inside Out merchandise varies in price so you will find something for every budget however small when you browse the website, even the Inside Out Shopper Bag is a nice little item for £2.50.  Even better buy the bag and then fill it with some of the other products for a wonderful themed birthday or Christmas present.  I wish I could be small again just so I could keep the Inside Out Scented Lip Balms, at £8.95 they make a fabulous present; you have the five main characters from the films in these flavours; blueberry, apple, cinnamon, pineapple and grape.

The boys liked the Anger Character ball (£4.95), although it nearly did inspire anger in me when it slammed into the television!!!  But other than that minor hiccup it kept them entertained for ages, not bad for the price, although probably best to play catch outdoors.

I have a few ideas for Christmas now based on the quality of the items I was sent.  I really quite fancy one of the Anger Mugs (£7.95) for hubbie who can be a right grump at times or perhaps he needs a sparkly Joy in his life and that will transform him… (decisions, decisions!).

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