Thursday, 13 August 2015

little dish The Family Cookbook

We were sent the little dish The Family Cookbook to review, written by the little dish founder Hillary Graves it proved to be an inspirational cookbook that really helped me get the boys involved in the kitchen.

Eldest has enjoyed browsing through the recipe book, picking out what he would like to make next time.  The book is presented in an appealing way with meals, snacks and puddings that are all easy to follow.  The included recipes encourage children to eat better, getting more important nutrients in the process.  I am guilty of using convenience foods and making excuses of not having enough time, but by cooking with the children they are entertained and dinner is getting made in the process…

As a family we do have a sweet tooth so I was glad to see that the classic sweet treats in this book are made with less sugar.  For the Eton Mess it actually suggested leaving the sugar out if you wanted too, we did and it was sweet enough from the natural sugars in the strawberries and raspberries.

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I particularly liked the addition of the little chef’s skills chart especially if your keen to develop your child’s cooking skills.  Helping give them confidence in their ability and build on useful skills for the future.  The included stickers act as a reward when they successfully achieve something (like cracking eggs or rolling meat balls).  When it is completed you can send a photo of your child and their finished chart to claim at little dish Little Chef’s apron.  I think that is a lovely idea and a nice little extra as part of your cooking journey together!  

I am pleased that eldest has been more receptive to raspberries since helping make the rather delicious Eton Mess.  Being included in the cooking makes children more likely to sample different flavours.  They have a sense of pride for helping produce something tasty and because of this they want to enjoy it all (raspberries included!).  I was not sure how it would be with the balsamic vinegar but it had a great flavour and worked extremely well.

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