Monday, 17 August 2015

My Dream Car

The best car for our family would ideally be bigger, at the moment I can squish in the back between two car seats and fit another in the front seat whilst hubbie drives.  But I feel in the middle of whatever conversation (or random nonsense!) is going on between the two friends in the back!  I usually get drawn into a few blinking competitions that in itself is fine but then it tends to deteriorate to a chat with the word poo mentioned more times than absolutely necessary!  I usually have to unfold my legs too when we arrive at our destination as they really do not have adequate space to travel comfortably!!!

A sporty car is out of the question, with us parents, the kids, a dog and luggage we have no chance squeezing it all into something with this much va va voom!

Plus now the boys are older one sulks that the other has a friend and because of the size of the car they don’t!  For cinema trips and visits to attractions it would be nice if they could bring a friend each, there would certainly be less arguments as with three I always find one is rather sadly left out…

I would love to get a seven seater, then perhaps we could even consider bringing along an additional parent (or my mum!) to help with all the kids!  The boys are busy socialising with friends, but at times it can get a bit argumentative all staying around our house for too long.  I would much prefer to take them off out somewhere on a proper adventure then everyone is distracted and in a happier mood!!!

We picked our current car because it was considered very safe in the Euro NCAP ratings, so if we did get a replacement that would be a huge element in whichever one we then pick.  At the moment we have our car on personal contract purchase (PCP) but depending on the cost of a car you could even take out a personal loan like the ones offered at TSB.  This is one option if buying a used car that does not come with an attractive interest free purchase deal that they dangle in front of you with the shiny new cars.  When we end our contract we can choose to pay a final payment to cover the value of the car or hand it in and look into additional car finance to get the seven seater I hanker after!

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