Thursday, 20 August 2015

Our Bedroom Grand Designs

Let’s just say our bedroom is a work in progress and that is being particularly generous, you see it has no ceiling, the en-suite is minus the essentials, a toilet, sink or shower (its just a very dusty smaller room and not worthy of the en-suite title at the moment!) and the whole window area needs boxing in before we can even get to the painting and new flooring!  So I have to dream and dream big, because I do not know exactly how long it will stay in this distressed condition (and serve as a dumping ground for all the tools, paint and plaster boards!).  I did try and take a better picture but with no electrics in there and relying only on the flash on my phone I nearly stumbled over the mess...

Going on our current budget constraints if we are lucky we MIGHT get a ceiling in 2016, but then it would probably be another year before we get the bathroom sorted.  It’s a patient game I need to play but when I open the door to our room I feel a bit sad, because I want to live that life now, not X many years down the line.  My worry is this house will only be finished when we are much older because its so expensive renovating and by then we would need to consider downsizing (although I hate thinking about an empty nest, I would much rather have my boys around me for as long as possible!).

I really hope our bedroom will be quite something when its finished.  I plan to have a sofa in one corner to lounge around on before bed; the room is certainly spacious enough for that and a big bed.  It will be lovely not queuing for the bathroom in the morning and of course just having more space to spread out.

We currently have an Ottoman bed but had to dismantle it to move house, since then we have done it once more to change rooms.  I really do not think it will let us move it again, so for now it’s staying in the eventual guest room and we will get ourselves a new bed to go in the master room of the house when its finally completed.  The Ottoman bed has been handy though I love the additional storage space but I would choose something different next time.  I think hubbie would like a TV Bed, but then he is more obsessed with technology than me, I would go for something simple and romantic.  I think we might have a falling out over which double bed from Furniture Village we eventually pick.

It’s difficult when you both have very different ideas about the vision for a room.  Least we agreed on one thing, we decided to change it into one bigger room, it used to be two separate bedrooms.  But I thought a five bedroom house with one of them being a proper master suite was better than a six bedroom with smaller rooms.  Most of our budget was blown adding the supporting steel beam and paying the structural engineer for his services, we even had to have new wooden beams as they were rotten... (cue lots more expense!).

So now we wait and hopefully one day the room will get finished!  Or perhaps hubbie (or I) will magically learn some DIY skills and take charge of this project once and for all... although as you can tell from this picture we are not BIG fans (removing ceilings is VERY messy and tiring work!).

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