Saturday, 15 August 2015

Our Hallway

Our entrance hall is a sizeable space; it has gorgeous antique floor tiles that could do with being restored (or at least having me painstakingly clean each one with a toothbrush or something!).  

We have replaced the front door but could do with updating the porch door too, its paintwork is peeling and it looks as tired as me.  It is not a great first impression so we must soon strip it back and repaint or replace it all together with a low maintenance wood grain effect door.  I prefer the later but it’s all down to cost sadly.

We have stripped back the wallpaper so the old property can breathe again; I think there is nothing worse than continually painting over paper.  But the end result is a very rustic wall and with no budget to re-plaster at the moment we have instead decided to cover it up as much as possible!  That’s why I decided we should have a photo wall, but I like how it documents our memories.

I also love the tree artwork we bought, its massive and in four separate sections.  It is meant to go in the dining room but that is so far off ever being finished rather than it stay in a box being unappreciated, its temporary home is the hallway.

We have made some minor structural improvements already; we have removed a fire door from the hallway that was a necessity of it initially being a commercial property and a further one on the top of the landing.  This has helped change it from an industrial space and given it more of a family feeling (plus no one wants to open FOUR doors just to get upstairs!).

Our house could be such a beautiful family home if only we had enough funds to transform it.  Eventually our staircase needs to be replaced, when we moved in we had a problem with woodworm and I think they have done some damage.  The stairs creak rather dangerously when you climb upstairs.  I would love a more impressive balustrade, glass for the modern look.  It would be a bold statement piece if we incorporated glass, although given I still have little mucky fingerprints everywhere from my boys I would probably opt for frosted glass so it looks cleaner!

I would love to buy something bespoke for our needs but I know that’s unrealistic, the only way we will ever have something suitable is if we design it ourselves.  Fortunately hubbie is very handy when he puts his mind to something so with the right parts from barrier components, glass panels and a bit of creative vision we should have the staircase we crave.  It is so important we choose the right fittings for a sturdy installation; with two boys who enjoy “testing” the limits of things a safe navigation downstairs is important…

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