Saturday, 29 August 2015

Our #wesofancydress Party

Summer holidays are sadly drawing to a close, so we were extra excited to throw in a quick fancy dress party just before it ended.  Mine do not go rummaging in their fancy dress box quite as much anymore, but having a whole new selection of outfits completely renewed their love of dressing up!  This pleased me no end, as I personally love the world of imagination they enter when they are dressed for action or adventure.  Plus the weather has been pretty lousy so it was great to have an enjoyable indoor activity to keep the children entertained, whilst the heavens opened!

We were sent the Where’s Wally, Tinkerbell, Ant-Man and Horrible Histories Gladiator fancy dress outfits from George so the boys and their friends could dress up and have some fun.  What impressed me was the quality of the costumes for the price; ours varied from £12.50 to £13.50 each but if we had been buying for younger children there were even cheaper options to pick from.

The children on the other hand were naturally drawn to other things.  Ant-Man enjoyed having a button to press on the light up detachable belt.  Where’s Wally? quite enjoyed having a hat and glasses to try on his pet dog.

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Tinkerbell enjoyed having the option to wear wings or take them off depending on her mood and my brave and valiant gladiator was pleased he had a shield to wave around theatrically.  It certainly kept them out of mischief for a few hours, meaning my friend and I could catch up and relax with a nice cuppa.

All in all it was a lovely little party, good friends getting together, nice food and outfits that inspired play.  It was funny watching the youngest children in particular improvise they added an elf hat and Christmas ear muffs to accessorize their costumes, that’s the fabulous thing about fancy dress you can sit back and see how creative they get with their outfits!!!

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