Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Our Winchester Visit

It was raining, we were on holiday and had a day to fill so we decided to head to Winchester as its somewhere I have always fancied visiting myself.  A long time ago we lived in Southampton and back then we had good intentions to see lots of the surrounding area, but the reality was we did barely anything.  As you often seem to find for attractions in your own locality.

Fortunately the boys had a lovely time as we did not know how child friendly it would be and also it was extremely wet weather.  The Great Hall was a good place to start, we had no set plans we just roamed the streets and popped into anything that looked vaguely interesting.  It is free to enter The Great Hall but you can make a donation, personally I think it’s worth contributing to help with its upkeep.  You can learn more about the legend of the round table but the highlight for the boys were the costumes to try on; they looked quite dashing as a crusader and a king.

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They had a bit of a sword fight and even met the ladies who design these wonderful outfits who happened to be visiting.  It really made it a more appealing visit for them.  At the moment you can upload your photo onto the Great Hall facebook page for a chance to win some goodies, so that’s worth a try if your feeling lucky!

After that we stumbled upon the Westgate Museum, they had a fabulous free spotter quiz so you could go around the listed monument and find lots of historical objects.  It was quite a challenge as some are harder to find the others, but the good thing is it keeps the children occupied for ages and it costs nothing.

Sadly because of the torrential rain the roof had been closed for everyone’s safety, so we could not take advantage of the great view across the city.  We still had fun though just doing the quiz and then paying £1 each for the boys to try brass rubbing.  I have fond memories of doing a brass rubbing when I was much younger so thought it was fascinating for the boys to try something different.

After that we stopped at Eat, Drink and Be for a warm scone and restorative cup of tea, it was a stylish little coffee shop and very close to the two museums.

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There was plenty more we could have done, but it was only a flying visit.  The Cathedral looked very impressive but it was £7.50 each to go in (for the adults, children are free) and I did not really want to spend that much when I had no idea if the boys would enjoy walking round.  It's an unusual attitude for me, as I normally pay all kinds of amounts for the boys to experience everything around them, but lately I have felt the pinch and am really thinking hard what we spend our hard earned money on.

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