Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Spending Too Long At Your Desk?

I am not quite as guilty of this at the moment because the boys are off for the summer holidays and I am juggling their needs alongside my own blog deadlines.  I might if I am lucky manage to write a blog post first thing but then I am up and away from my desk playing board games, coaxing the boys to do a learning book, walking the dog or heading off to an attraction with them. 

But when they are at school I can be found at my desk for considerable periods, I tend to get completely absorbed in whatever I am doing (reading other blogs, replying to emails, writing posts and occasionally catching up on the latest facebook gossip!) and focus entirely on that.  I actually feel quite stiff when I eventually stand up again because I am leant forward rather uncomfortably typing manically, forgetting the importance of sitting properly in my chair.

I am always in a rush so I can get it all done AND do some token housework (just to placate the husband of course!).  So I probably stay at my desk for an unhealthy amount of time, my lower back aches, my muscles throb and my posture is quite possibly terrible!  I was excited to find this infographic from euroffice to do some stretches from my desk.  I am hoping that by following them I might start to feel much better for staying in one position for so long.

I found that trying the exercises out proved great for relieving tension, my muscles had a good workout and I still can achieve all my work commitments.  If you’re reading this post now at work why not give them a try!  Your body will certainly thank you for it; they are easy enough to fit in your schedule and can have pretty immediate health benefits.  As I finish writing this post my feet are doing the pivot and point (hooray for improving my circulation, I should be a new woman at this rate!!!).

You might think something so small will do little to help, but anything is a start and you can progress to more energetic exercise routines in time.  I work from home on my own so could do these comfortably without an audience, I am not sure I would be jumping to joy if I was in a packed office mind you!  Although you could continue with the discrete pivot and point and the shoulder stretches.

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