Friday, 21 August 2015

Spicers of Hythe #LoveHampers

It’s been a tiring summer, juggling the boys, the house and the blog.  Keeping everything going uses up much of the day, I can often be found tapping away on my computer late into the night absolutely exhausted but with no choice but to carry on!  So when I was sent a hamper filled with tasty treats from Spicers of Hythe I was absolutely delighted.

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It was a wonderful surprise and really picked me up.  The kettle was promptly put on and biscuits were quickly devoured!  There is nothing like rummaging through all the goodies in a hamper and discovering new and exciting food and drink items.

The surprise delivery was presented in a strong attractive box that no doubt I will use again and again for another purpose.  I think I will be using Spicers of Hythe again closer to Christmas as I do like giving family and friends indulgent food as a gift.  Hampers always contain those little luxuries that you might not normally treat yourself too.  I think that’s why they are so well received as gifts, its nice to have the finer things in life for a change.  It’s thoughtful being given luxury products to celebrate Christmas in style!

There are hampers here to suit all budgets and tastes; personally I have my eye on the Deluxe Chocolate Hamper but I would probably get something with more variety as gifts.  Then the recipient can enjoy a recuperative glass of wine and other tasty nibbles.  With the hamper we were sent there was a good selection, something for everyone in the family.  I earmarked the cake (naturally!), hubbie was after the raspberry chocolates and the boys wanted the traditional sweets.  A hamper gift is a happy gift indeed, because you cannot really go wrong with mouth-watering delicacies all beautifully presented.  It’s much more exciting than socks for Christmas that’s for sure!

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