Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Start-rite #passiton Campaign

I was genuinely thrilled to be involved in this Start-rite campaign.  It’s something I feel very passionate about as I do think rather sadly that children rely heavily on screens for entertainment these days.  From the moment my pair wake up they constantly badger to play computer games.  It’s a battle of the wills seeing if mummy will fold with enough pressure and give in to the easy option. 

It’s draining especially during the summer holidays with long days to fill but fortunately I had backup this time in the shape of a box of well thought out goodies from Start-rite to encourage traditional play.  

So we spent a very pleasant morning learning to juggle, skipping, playing marbles and practising shoelaces.  Included in the pack was a list of other games we could also try so these will be continue to keep the boys busy for the remaining weeks of the summer break. 

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If we don’t #passiton knowledge of the games we ourselves used to love might be lost to this generation forever.  So rather than feel nostalgic why not switch off the screens, head outside and relive the games of your youth!  Its vitally important children learn to be active and want to spend time outdoors, so what better way than to share your enthusiasm for what you got up to as a child. 

I think given half a chance my boys would play computer games all day long; they seem so very addictive unfortunately.  I can just imagine the pair of them ghostly pale from lack of sunshine with tiny little eyes from focusing too long on the computer.  But mummy is no push over I set limits and do my best to promote other activities, cost can be a factor in keeping children occupied but this useful box of goodies would only set you back £10.  Remarkably almost half of the children who have some kind of digital device have complete free rein, this could be because the parents themselves are also finding it hard to switch off.

It is a key part of children’s development to be active, children need to be energetic and exercise to stay healthy.  Start-rite shoes are a good match as they are tested for strength and flexibility so perfect for the challenges of outdoor play.  Children need to learn more than how to build a shelter on Minecraft, so how about joining the Start-rite campaign too.

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