Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Best Sleepover Ever #frubessleepover

To coincide with the rather fabulous Frubes “Minions” on pack promotion we headed off on an extra special sleepover at Whipsnade Zoo with a group of lovely bloggers.  I cannot think of a better place to have hosted the event, as calcium is very important to lots of the animals there, much like it is for our little ones!

Female penguins actually use excess calcium to help form strong shells for their eggs to give their offspring the best start!  Just like us parents want the best in life for our own fledglings, children need extra strong bones for all their exciting adventures!  Now my eldest is that bit older he is making more of a fuss about drinking milk, so Frubes are a useful way to keep him topped up with calcium in something he is more than willing to eat.

Upon our arrival we were spoiled with lots of Frubes and these adorable Minions biscuits.  How I wish I could rewind time to eat a few more...

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This was our home for the night, sleeping next door to the rhinos no less!

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Our first surprise was having our lookout lodge transformed into a Minions haven complete with themed rug, cushions, towels, blankets and night-light!  These gorgeous little wooden lodges are delightful in their own right but like anything even more special when Minions are involved!

Whipsnade Zoo include complimentary towels and toiletries, tea making facilities (with rather tasty biscuits!) and even a hair dryer for your comfort and convenience.  Our lodge although compact included a sofa bed, a double bed and a bedside table.  Best of all was the private veranda to watch the boys play safely (the area is enclosed) with their new found friends.  My two remember fondly their late night Frubes disco with the boys from In The Playroom and The MadHouse.

Shortly after unpacking we kicked off our stay with a Minion Zoo Hunt transported in an old army truck we all felt like proper explorers!  

We searched high and low for Frubes splats before being led to three cheeky minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob, the stars of the Minions film we enjoyed in July who had cleverly stashed Frubes into their dungaree pockets with no intention of sharing (not that I blame them the banana flavour is delicious!) although they were happy to have lots of cuddles instead!

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We stopped for sustenance including these tasty Minions cupcakes!

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The next morning we were involved in feeding the animals, what a memorable experience that was!

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Afterwards we were free to explore at our leisure, I kept the boys happy with lots of Frubes snacks on our way round.  I actually prefer the size of the Maxi Frubes for my growing boys!

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The Lookout Lodge experience is a unique way to get closer to the animals and learn much more about them in a smaller more manageable group. Just watch out for the pesky chimps, the boys have been known to fling poo to try and get a giggle from their admiring audience!

Now keep an eye out for the on-pack promotion and head to the Frubes Minions website to enter your code (using the rather nifty Minion vision googles of course!) for the chance of winning an assortment of rather fabulous Minion themed prizes.  The competition closes on the 31/10/2015 so you have plenty more time to stock up to improve your chances!

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