Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Perfect Pillow

We had successfully tried exercising (yoga) and altering our food and drink intake before bed to ensure a better nights sleep, thanks to well thought out deliveries from Sealy.  But even though they had made a significant improvement we were still retiring to our bed with our tatty old pillows that if I am honest looked well past their prime!  So I was a more than a little excited to have two new Pocket Springback pillows to review, one for hubbie and one for me.  I thought he would benefit from a good nights sleep just as much as I would.  Lately we are both so grouchy, overtired from very busy days with hyper boys and need every moment of shuteye to cope!

Anything new instantly gets the attention of the boys though and our youngest was quick to settle down on the pillow and give his approval by nodding off.

Then the dog decided to jump up on our bed and place her bottom on my pillow… she looked like she was all set to stay until I shooed her off!

Finally that evening I managed to have my turn to see what all the fuss was about with these pillows!  I awoke feeling very comfortable; this particular pillow is designed to help with the correct positioning of your spine.  It is flexible and adjusts to your shape.  We had the soft support rating, which was adequate for our needs, but its good to know you can have a much firmer pillow if you so desire.

I did not realise just how sophisticated pillows had got until it came to testing these pillows and writing this review.  The booklet that came with them mention all the different types you can get and it also gave some useful guidance of what pillow would suit you best.  If you sleep on your front your well matched with a soft pillow like the ones we were sent but if you prefer sleeping on your back or side then a more medium to firm support rating is recommended.  With more than 125 years experience no wonder Sealy have got it all under control.

Fortunately I will be much more educated when it comes to buying pillows next time, especially as the ones we are using are endorsed by the Orthopedic Advisory Board and frankly I am getting older and need every comfort I can get!!!

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