Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tips for an Older Child’s Bedroom

Now my eldest is 8 I really need to think about what he might start to outgrow and try and decorate his room appropriately for his age.  For one I will only buy full size furniture now, I think looking back it was silly to buy mini versions of everything.  Children grow up so fast that it’s really a false economy.  Thankfully now most of his furniture would be just as suited to an adult.

Think about themes much like mini furniture a child can outgrow a particular character or show quite quickly too.  Keeping things as neutral as possible helps avoid this happening, try and bring the excitement into the room with interesting bedding that is cheaper to eventually replace.  Wall stickers are okay if they are easy to detach afterwards, we had some nursery ones that managed to chunk off the paint when they were removed… so not quite as easy as they implied!!!

I am not a fan of plastic toy boxes, we have many of them in the boys toy room and I think they do look cheap, well I guess ours in particular would as we did buy them very inexpensively!

They are all the same ones, wide and deep to contain as many toys as humanely possible and clear so you can see through to all the chaos in them!  Bits of toys all jumbled together.  It’s a little depressing really…

I think we got a job lot on those storage boxes one time and I feel décor wise we are in need of a change.  I quite like the idea of using a Rustic Oak Blanket Boxes like this one from furnitureplus, it would be nice to put the toys away and not see them peeping over the toy of the container… it’s even worse when they “accidentally” go off and creep you out with random noises when the rest of the house is quiet.  But most of all adding a blanket box to store toys is great because when toys are a thing of the past I will have a nice blanket box for me, something I have always fancied at the bottom of my bed.

Personally I am not keen on posters I much prefer canvas prints or framed photos, I think I have seen too many Blu-tack marks in my time to buy the boys posters.  Although I guess they do have one plus they are much cheaper overall, but if you factor in the paint to retouch up then I guess there is not much in it.

How have you revamped things for an older child?

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