Friday, 14 August 2015

Tired of being Mumerella

My friends seem to have more disposable income than me, my money all goes into bricks and mortar (in the shape of our very big house renovation project!) which no doubt will keep us busy for years.  I feel guilty if I spend anything on myself, but given my clothes are starting to get threadbare I do need to plan a shopping trip!  I keep seeing the house as a future asset for the boys but I am sure they would not begrudge me spending a little on myself!

Lately I have tried to find more time to pursue other interests, I like meeting up with my friends and having a chance to unwind after the stresses of parenting.  We are all in the same boat after all, dealing with tantrums, unrealistic expectations and the occasional sleepless night, bonded with our common problems and the opportunity to vent together over a takeaway and a welcome glass of wine (perhaps from this size bottle!).

But to be honest I do not have a big enough wardrobe for all this socialising, when we are meeting up its nice to change out of my mummy clothes (hoodies, jeans and trainers) and put on something more feminine.  It’s like I switch off from mummy mode into a different version of me, one that can relax more as I am not constantly scanning the horizon for incoming threats!  Anywhere we go I am constantly watching my children to make sure they are away from the road, not out of sight, not too deep in the sea… the list is long and the responsibility exhausting!

So when they are tucked up in bed with daddy on duty, it would be lovely to put on a pretty dress and feel like I do not have a care in the world, because come 11pm I am back to being Mumerella (replacing the two ugly sisters for my very boisterous boys!) and keeping a dutiful watch of my little charges.  I just need a fairy godmother to buy me this flowing chiffon dress with sequins from Esprit and I will feel as glamorous as my lovely friends.

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