Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A Matalan Halloween

The boys have had a dress rehearsal ready for Halloween already, they really cannot wait, a friend is planning a party so they are buzzing with excitement.  They were fortunately sent outfits from the Matalan fancy dress range, as I was not sure if they would squeeze into their Ghostbusters outfits this year.  Plus you can never have enough fancy dress costumes for my two!

I was very impressed with the Matalan Halloween Shop as the prices are very good for the quality.  I went to a specialist fancy dress shop to buy their Ghostbusters outfits last year and spent considerably more and to be honest its not worth spending a fortune as by the time next Halloween comes your children in all likelihood will have grown out of their costumes.

The Kids Werewolf costume even came with all the accessories for just £12.  You have the mask naturally but also little furry hands to wear, which I thought was a great extra.  My eldest was so pleased with this he was roaring at the moon!

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Youngest had the Kids Pirate Skeleton costume also £12.  This came with a mask and a sword, so as you can imagine he was swishing it all around the place getting into character.  Both costumes were ideal for children’s imagination as they could really play the part and do all the actions.  They cannot wait to show their friends what they have to wear.

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A friend of my youngest was happy with her Female Pirate costume (£12), no sword this time but a fetching pirate hat and tights (not pictured) instead.

At some shops you could easily pay more than £12 without the extras (which they add more on for!) so I would definitely shop with Matalan again for Halloween.  Don’t mention to hubbie but I think the Ghostbusters outfits set us back £70 for the boys last year, so I think £24 for these ones instead is much more sensible…

Matalan also has lots of fantastic Halloween decorations; we had the cake tier stand (£3) and a cupcake accessories kit (£3) so I could give hubbie a nudge to make some more of his delicious cakes for the party. 

Hope you have a spooky Halloween.

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