Sunday, 20 September 2015

Brands on a budget

My husband has quite a relaxed attitude to fashion at the moment; he rarely buys anything new for his wardrobe.  He is still wearing underpants he had when he was 16, I would like to say they are going strong but that would be a complete lie  (think tatty and threadbare from well over a decade of washing!). 

I wish he would take a bit more interest in his appearance but part of it is down to budget, after getting into a bit of debt before we got together he is much more careful with his finances now and what he spends on clothes, preferring to make things last.  Which of course I am thankful for but I think he could update his wardrobe occasionally, even if it’s just to get rid of those ancient undercrackers! 

He went through a short-lived stage of buying designer brands before he had me in his life, which did little to help his financial situation at the time.  He had a thing for French Connection, the jeans, the belt, the hat, the coat… he was a walking advert for the brand when we first met.  I think he liked the cheeky play on the brand wording, as he was a bit of a boy in his time!!!  

He went straight to the shop itself, I do not think he realised he could have bought the jeans.t-shirts and hoodies from a shop like mandmdirect for a fraction of the price.  But back in those days he was not quite so savvy with money, like paying for a subscription to Sky maintenance for a whole year after he had cancelled Sky!!!  I took the bull by the horns and quickly went through his bank statements with a fine toothcomb and got rid of any unnecessary expenses… along with blowing my small savings on getting him out of the red.

Finally he can return to his love of designer brands and all things French Connection without panicking about our bank account getting into a pickle!!!

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