Monday, 14 September 2015

Can we pack our bags please?

My son’s best friend and his family jetted off to Lanzarote earlier in the week, I am jealous of them basking in the sunshine together whilst we do the back to school routine after the LONG summer.  My eldest is missing his friend, he wanted to know he had arrived safely and keeps wondering when he will be back.  He was desperate to squeeze himself into one of their cases...

We have had a good week overall (as my eldest was voted on to the school council, which he was understandably rather pleased about!) but its still those very early starts, last minute ironing of school uniforms, making sure they are fed and watered and shipping them off to school with a quick kiss and cuddle, all in a rush and a bit of a muddle that can be tough, especially trying to make sure they have P.E. Kits, fruit for school and homework bags.  My organisational skills appear quite lacking this week!

Not on par with my friends holiday, with all you can eat buffets and cocktails on tap, swimming in the pools to cool off in the glorious heat and leisurely strolling around the town.  My friend booked an all-inclusive holiday so they have plenty to keep the children occupied (the list of activities and shows for children was nothing short of impressive!), lots of snacks to keep the children happy and stop tummies growling (including ample ice cream, so very cost effective once you arrive there and do not have to pay for anything extra!) and restorative drinks for the grownups (its there holiday too after all!). 

When they come back and I get the full account of their holiday it might give me the nudge to book one for us, I was looking at Lanzarote resort destination and it sounds very promising anyway but its nice to have a recommendation of an actual hotel that you know someone personally who has visited.  I can spend all evening idly searching through the First Choice website, day dreaming about our perfect family holiday.  To be honest the boys one foreign holiday is the highlight of every trip we have ever taken and it was very relaxed and laid back (ice creams, pool and beach time!), there is lots to be said about a slower pace of life.  I would probably skip the party areas of Lanzarote and book a quieter resort, that’s why a destination guide and recommendations from friends can really help when booking a break suited to your family needs.  It’s good they have children of similar ages too so if they had fun mine are more than likely to as well.

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