Sunday, 20 September 2015

Can you switch off on holiday?

I always worry about the length of time my children are playing computer games, I set them limits and really try and get them to stick to them (even if it means listening to the odd tantrum and tearful meltdown!).  I would never want them to have free unlimited access; for one I worry their eyes will be tiny from too long staring at a screen and secondly I do not think they would actually stop playing without our supervision.  I want them to balance screen time with the great outdoors, reading books and playing board games, I want them to be out on their bikes, having friends over and jumping on the trampoline!  Life is an adventure that cannot be lived merely through the confines of Mario races and Minecraft building plans…

It’s difficult because technology seems such a big part of my life these days, even I am regularly scanning my phone just to make sure everything is in order with my blog.  Although technically it’s my livelihood I still feel the pang of guilt that I am not giving 100% attention to my family at times.  Even on holiday its VERY hard to switch off its probably a good idea for me booking somewhere with lousy wi-fi so I can actually have a break from technology!!!  Otherwise I feel obligated to update my instagram with pictures of just about everything (well it helps with your blog scores!).

I was intrigued to try this quiz that I stumbled upon on the Center Parcs blog and see how we compared with everyone else when on holiday.  Apparently the average number of devices people take on holiday is six!  We do take our mobiles, but they are to stay in contact with each other not just to surf the net (honest!).  Occasionally we might take a laptop depending on my blog deadlines and hubbie’s work commitments, we try and schedule work or get everything sorted before we head off on holiday to stop that happening but sometimes we just cannot get everything finished in time.

After completing the quiz I do feel a bit shamefaced, I am charged with being trapped in technology.  It’s time to switch off our devices and focus on the most important thing, each other!  To get around the fact I still need to check social media with blogging I think I will follow their sensible suggestion of picking a certain time of day and not just be at the mercy of facebook, twitter and instagram 24/7.  Mind you keeping an eye on the Center Parcs facebook page might help you find the perfect family holiday on offer, once you have booked it see how many devices you can leave behind at home...

The infographic below shows that 75% of us use technology every day on holiday so next time I go away I am going to challenge myself to join the other 25% and learn to switch off.

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