Monday, 21 September 2015

Caring for your teeth

Your teeth are such an important asset; they give you the confidence to smile openly with the people you meet.  Mine could be better, I should have followed a more regimented dental health regime, but by the time bedtime comes around I just want to collapse under the covers not start flossing and gargling mouthwash in earnest, I just want the minimal amount of brushing before curling up to sleep.

The boys are having fissure sealants soon through school, they did not identify any other issues but I still feel bad, do they only need that because they like sweets too much and to protect them from the possibility of future decay!?!  I am not sure if its something all school dentists do now routinely (prevention is better than cure surely!) or just for those children that might be more at risk!  Either way I get the overwhelming rush of emotions, wondering if I am doing it all wrong… but I do try my best, I encourage them to drink milk everyday, I supervise brushing and we have a timer now to make sure they do the full two minutes (before they seemed MUCH too fast brushing!).  It’s hard because they have so many sweets in their life, people kindly give them treats, they always manage to spot traditional sweet shops on our travels or Halloween just comes back round quickly and with it an epic supply of yet more sugar!!!  

With all that in their life I make a point of reading articles about caring for children’s teeth, hoping that I can do something to limit the damage.

Thinking about teeth makes me nostalgic though, when I was younger I went through a stage of really wanting braces, I think it was just because so many actors at the time had them in films.  I think it made them look kind of goofy but cute too, so I was obviously crushing on the geek type (they always had better personalities!).  But then I never considered the reality of having them inserted, dealing with food stuck in them or how wearing them actually knocked the confidence of many people… things have moved on now though you can actually get invisible braces like these from sensu.  With clear braces you do not need worry so much about how your smile looks, you can carry on as normal whilst they cleverly straighten your teeth.  It’s sad to think that many were depressed about their braces, they should have just come my way, and I would have gladly swooned over them…

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  1. My eldest has actually had braces put on today and she is very sore....I wish I could afford the invisible braces. They seem like they don't hurt half as much....