Tuesday, 22 September 2015

How to cope moving house with children

We moved house just over a year ago so everything we dealt with is still quite fresh in my mind.  I did not want my anxiety regarding the move rubbing off on the boys, even though the whole experience was very stressful I tried to make it seem fun and exciting for them.  I focused on all the positives, highlighting the parts of the house I thought they would like the most, as I knew they would find it hard to settle otherwise.  So it was all about how they had more outside space, more room to play hide and seek indoors and a bigger playroom to stash their toys.

My youngest embraced the change more readily than his older brother, so we threw a big moving in party for them to show off the new house to all their friends (we invited 28 children, we must be mad!).  

That did make a difference because then their friends would say nice things to them about the house and gradually eldest accepted the change.  So do prepare your children for what is ahead of them, show them pictures of the new place and tell them all the nice things you can do in the area.

I think this infographic by Volition Removals London is handy if you have a pending move on the cards.  You can quickly check if you have covered all the essentials.  Fortunately I seem to have done most of them, luckily we did not have to change schools or leave behind friends, so it was not as overwhelming as it could have been.

Moving House With Children

I would say if you can get grandparents to help mind your children whilst you pack up boxes its better for everyone’s sanity (otherwise they keep taking out toys to play with and you have to start packing all over again!), but if you think they will stay focused on the task by all means get the kids involved with the packing.  It’s important for them to realise that the contents and furniture come with them, mine were quite concerned their belongings would be left behind, so plenty of reassurance at all times so they can understand what is going on.

We just paid for the biggest items to be moved by a removals company.  It was better having a proper company handle the heaviest pieces of furniture because in our case they dismantled the double bed and rebuilt it in our new house.  They had all the tools and know how to make the move that much more seamless.    I think its worth getting a quote for everything to be moved though, because you really do have enough to organise when moving house the last thing you need is to then go back and fourth in a car trying to take all the cardboard boxes and bin bags yourself to save a bit of cash.  Again needing to sort out babysitters because you cannot fit the kids and the house contents in the car at the same time with the seats down.

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