Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I enter my bathroom and despair

My bathroom is my least favourite room in the house, the spiders that live in the far distant corners (we have very high ceilings!) seem happy enough but for me it’s not the practical family bathroom I crave.  Once upon a time our house was a residential building and with it came all the trappings of the type of business it was.  The bathroom was kitted out with a shower seat, disabled railings and enough space to swing a wheelchair.  The only concession we have made to updating the room is removing the lock on the temperature, which stopped the shower being more than lukewarm (I love scorching hot showers!) and getting rid of the railings but leaving the gaping holes, really we should have re-tiled but until we find the bathroom suite we want we have not spent anymore.  I have been browsing on clickbasin to get some inspiration and plan ahead; their end of summer sale caught my eye.

I need to get a proper shower cubicle as at the moment it’s an open shower area that means the boys walk wet feet everywhere; the water is not contained at all and flows everywhere!!!

The bath is missing its side panel, not sure how we managed to lose it, it was definitely there when we bought the house but perhaps we were over enthusiastic tidying up and managed to chuck it in the skip…

Without the panel its turned into a spider retreat sanctuary!!!

So we need to give the room a complete overhaul!  My most favourite bit will be getting rid of the anti-slip flooring (which is not particularly efficient at being anti-slip seeing as boys my boys have gone flying anyway!) as much as you steam mop it never looks clean.  I want something that will shine and look fresh; it’s so tired and unloved our bathroom!!!  A bath is still relaxing but you have to keep blinkers on your eyes so you do not see the rest of the room, I try and sink as deep into the bubbles as I can and forget all the work that needs to be completed.

Even our radiator is a complete eye sore as it’s been put in back to front by the looks of it… I long for a stylish space that is modern and functional.  I guess I should count my blessings on the plus side least the bathroom suite is white, in our old house it was avocado green for quite some time.  But in the New Year we will still be ripping out this bathroom and starting again!!!  Bathrooms apparently are one of the rooms people really look at when buying a house, so not sure what we were thinking of as we seemed to have ignored the state of this one when we bought the house…

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