Monday, 14 September 2015

Lactofree Chocolate Milk Smoothie #sayyestodairy

We were very excited to work with Lactofree on another campaign this time to create a rather indulgent smoothie using their new chocolate flavour dairy drink and whatever else took our fancy!

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It’s great that having these little challenges gets the boys and I to be a bit more imaginative in the kitchen.  You can see how we got on last time with our perfect toastie post (I could quite easily eat those every day!). 

I love championing a brand that gives people the same choices as everyone else.  If your lactose intolerant it must be hard seeing your friends and family enjoying a wider choice of meals, snacks and drinks but thankfully that’s all changing with Arla’s pioneering lactose-free dairy range.

It was very simple to make our smoothie using two cups full of Lactofree Chocolate Dairy Milk (RRP £1.39), a banana and a handful of ice cubes.  The boys enjoyed being involved and throwing the ingredients into the blender.  Afterwards we decorated with cream (lactofree have a lactose-free equivalent so fear not!) and sprinkles not that they needed the additional motivation to drink it; they both really enjoyed sipping on their creations.  I think they would have been just as happy to drink the Lactofree Chocolate Milk straight from the carton!!!

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Next time I think we might experiment with cherries (the fruit my youngest likes the most!) as I think that’s another fruit that would compliment the Lactofree Chocolate Dairy Milk very well, then perhaps some cream like before but with a cherry on top for decoration!  But whatever fruit you decide to incorporate it’s a wonderful way to encourage children to get closer to their five a day whilst still enjoying the chocolaty taste.

It’s quite clever how Lactofree have managed to find a way to keep the great taste of milk but make it suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.  They very cleverly filter out half of the lactose (the sugars in milk) then add an enzyme so our bodies can cope with the remaining lactose.  Other than that it’s the milk everyone else enjoys!

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