Tuesday, 22 September 2015

#Netflix September Viewing #netflixstreamteam

I had given Survivors a chance and ended up really enjoying it but then it cut short at the end of series 2 and I wish we had the chance to see Tom (Max Beesley) get revenge on those who unleashed the virus in the first place… I liked how his character developed from the bad boy into a more decent individual with a caring attitude for the group.  I just feel we were denied the proper revenge scenes we deserved after getting absorbed into the show.

Just when I thought now all I had to do was wait rather (un)patiently for more Once Upon a Time or The Originals I decided to delve into another series on Netflix and now the waiting time is much more bearable.  The Returned is gripping, you just NEED to know what exactly is going on in that town, to be honest I am happy to watch from the other side of the screen but personally if I lived there myself I would be quickly re-locating… a select number of the dead have all returned in the same week, their motivations are unclear, do they have unfinished business?

What we can tell see is they cannot stop snacking!  Has anyone noticed they seem to have an undeniable hunger… is that a clue for something more sinister or does a return from the dead bring on the munchies? I will keep watching to find out!  But apart from my questions about snacking, there is plenty more to wonder about and keep you guessing.

As for family time we had a lovely evening eating pizza takeout and watching Russell Madness together (its not often you watch a film with a wrestling dog and a monkey as his manager!).  

It was an enjoyable easy to watch film, so I recommend you check that one out with your own kids.  With autumn here and the temperature dropping I think we will be having more family film sessions.

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