Monday, 28 September 2015

September 2015

I have neglected doing weekly updates on my blog I should really as I will soon forget what we have been up too.  At the weekend we made the most of the Cadw Open Doors event and visited a castle for free!

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My eldest bless him was voted in as a school councillor so now he has to help vote in decisions regarding fundraising and other school matters.  He was understandably very excited with his new position of responsibility it even set him off with some elaborate dreams.  He was on a chair going into an underground cavern for secret meetings with the rest of the committee.  The reality might not be quite as thrilling but he does get to be excused out of lessons to attend the council meetings, which pleases him no end!  Along with his drumming lessons that’s another chance to skive out of class for a bit…

I have decided I should take a more active role helping with the school fundraising efforts, so am planning a kid’s bingo session.  I have had a few kind offers of help already and hopefully more to come too.  My eldest has even volunteered to call out the numbers, which I thought was very brave of him.  I am not one for public speaking but he is already doing better than me.  It’s lovely seeing the boys growing in confidence and ability.

Youngest has had lots of tooth fairy visits this month, which has meant hubbie has been writing lots of his tiny little letters that they so love.  He comes up with quite complicated tales about what the tooth fairy will do with each new tooth (improving the fairy hospital or modifying the fairy house!).

House wise not much has changed, we are still too poor to continue with project DIY especially with Christmas on the horizon, I am frantically coming up with reasons why Father Christmas might not bring everything on their lists this year.  Every other year they have pretty much got everything they wished for, but sadly with more commitments because of the house this year MIGHT be on a smaller scale.  I guess its good for children to realise you do not get everything that easily and you have to be patient and wait for some things or save up for them yourself.  They both added phones on their lists this year, I think 6 and 8 are too young personally and will try and keep them going without phones for as long as possible.  Although I guess if your children play out its handy to have the reassurance of being able to contact them straight away, so when they are older I will probably put it straight back on the top of the list.

Hubbie has returned to his blog Hubby Helps again, he started one ages ago but he seems to be sticking to writing on it more regularly now.  I like reading his take on things, along with a revival of his blog he seems to have gone baking mad!  I think it de-stresses him after a hard day at work, I am not complaining anyway I love all the extra cake in the house.

Love it when hubbie comes home and decides to #bake #cakes x

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