Wednesday, 30 September 2015

#thankyourteacher with EdPlace

With UNESCO World Teachers’ Day fast approaching on the 5th of October EdPlace have a well timed campaign running to show your appreciation for your child’s favourite teacher.  

You just print the thank you card template then write a few words about why they are so fabulous.  Ideally get your children to fill this in they can practise their handwriting and its so much more thoughtful that way.  

Once completed you share the card on social media (Facebook or Twitter) with the hashtag #thankyouteacher.  Five of the nominations will have a wonderful surprise courtesy of EdPlace, as those teachers will be spoilt with a delivery of flowers and chocolate.  What a wonderful gesture to recognise the hard work and dedication that teachers commit to educating your child.

My boys will be writing their own cards later as they both have teachers they like and respect, youngest especially really enjoys being in school and was counting down the last week or so of the summer holidays so he could see the teachers and his friends again.  I am glad they are happy in school; I want them to have teachers that inspire them to do well.  Without decent teachers society might be quite different, they instil in children the importance of perseverance if you want to succeed at something.

Generally our children spend a big chunk of their day at school (unless you home school of course) so teachers play a huge influence in their lives.  Their energy and enthusiasm can make a real difference to coaxing children to take an interest in their schoolwork and really begin to thrive.  With classes getting bigger it can be challenging differentiating across everyone in the year group, yet teachers tirelessly come up with new strategies and mechanisms to make it work successfully.  It also cannot be easy being a teacher having worrywart parents dropping in all too frequently to ask if everything is on track (that would be ME, hands up I admit I am that parent!).

A good teacher is worth their weight in gold, those that have a positive impact in your children’s lives and help them achieve higher grades or likewise the ones that can identify when some students will need that little bit extra help to catch up with their peers.  They make learning engaging; they motivate children to want to be in school, where learning is considered fun never “boring”.

I myself trained as a teacher and although I passed my qualification I decided it was not for me.  I think it takes a certain type of person to teach, you have to manage a diverse mix of individuals and try and get the best out of each one, I was fine in smaller groups but I found it difficult holding the interest of a bigger group.  So I think it’s wonderful that EdPlace want to join in with UNESCO in celebrating being thankful for teachers, I for one am grateful for the work they do trying to make life better for the kids they teach.

Update: here is my son's thank you card.  He is thankful for the complicated maths his teacher gives him and for the fact he is kind.  Bless him!

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