Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Time to Declutter

The boys are growing up fast and their clothes end up being quite small for them very quickly these days. My youngest bless him is determinedly trying his best to catch up with his brother despite the 21 month age gap. There is not much in it anymore height wise, which is a shame really as I was hoping to pass on clothes from my eldest to my youngest to save money for as long as possible!
It’s a good idea to routinely declutter as hubbie does not look at the labels when he takes clothes from the boys wardrobe he just assumes everything in there is the correct size; so youngest has squeezed himself into clothes far too tight and trousers much too short! So I am all for regularly checking now to make sure anything he has outgrown is quickly removed...
Although it’s not just the kids wardrobes we could do with having a clear out ourselves, I have clothes that I have tumbled so much they have shrunk into unflattering shapes! But I seem to hang on to them anyway, which is silly as it’s not like I will want to wear them again... I think we must get some kind of strange satisfaction from having bulging wardrobes even if we do not wear 30% of that wardrobe anymore!

I liked reading this infographic from Bedroom Storage Maker provider of  wardrobe storage systems that makes you realise we really need to change how we shop for clothes, think how many times you will realistically wear something before you purchase it! I have one very expensive Monsoon dress that I wore ONCE, whereas I could have got quite a few pairs of jeans and comfortable hoodies that I live it for that price. Apparently the average UK woman has 36 tops I am a bit jealous of that as I think I have about 10! But least the 10 I have are worn regularly (they have to be with so few in my possession!).

Wishing all my followers happy decluttering, I am sure you will feel much better for having a good sort through your wardrobes. Freeing up space for the clothes you do wear will make it easier to put away the washing too! Stop cramming clothes in wardrobes when you do not wear a big chunk of them anyway...

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