Friday, 4 September 2015

Visiting The New Forest

We popped into the New Forest Reptile Centre, Lyndhurst to see the some snakes and lizards found in Britain.  The reptiles do prefer warmer weather so sightings cannot be guaranteed on rainy days like we had.  Although we were fortunate and managed to see a snake (an adder), a frog and a toad, enough to keep the boys happy they had visited the small attraction.  The staff were very informative and friendly, you can do your little bit to help the reptiles by paying for the car parking (£2), although voluntary I made sure we did, as it’s nice to do our bit to contribute.

We had a look around the shops in Lyndhurst, quite a sweet little village with a tempting sweet shop and a nice bakery.  The boys picked a book each from the charity shop and we browsed around a few other shops, until the boys were not following the mantra “look with your eyes not your hands!” and we decided to move on again.

Then we parked up so we could see some of the New Forest ponies.  The boys really enjoyed visiting the New Forest, such an expanse to explore, running around letting off steam!  The New Forest ponies are beautiful, there are lots roaming around the area.  

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We made sure we kept a sensible distance from the mares and their foals though as understandably they can feel very protective (aren’t we the same with our charges!).

The boys were quite relaxed here, getting along well, chasing each other, playing in the water that had collected by making “potions”, adding lots of natural ingredients.

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It was lovely watching them enjoy each other’s company.  

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To be honest I think the simpler we have kept the activities the better the boys get along.  It was very peaceful because of the bad weather less people had ventured out, but I feel my two need fresh air whatever the weather, because if they are kept cooped up for too long they get grizzly!

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