Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Little Help with Christmas

Christmas is coming and I am in a mild panic as I am completely unorganised this year and I do not have enough of a budget to get everything I feel I need to buy (only two paydays until Christmas now, seriously how is it coming round this quick!).  People are right when they say your children’s Christmas presents get more expensive as they get older… they get more discerning with the influence of their peer group.

It’s difficult because the task of getting ALL the presents falls to me, I cannot rely on hubbie for inspiration, he will if I grumble reluctantly help with the wrapping but otherwise it seems my allocated martial responsibility to sort out Christmas for everyone. 

I think the following infographic from Alexander & Co is a useful guide, being accountants they know a thing or two about saving cash and let’s be honest at this late stage with lengthy lists from the boys and a sorry state of a bank account I am grateful for any snippet of advice.  

I like the idea of thinking through what I can actually afford to spend and adjusting my list accordingly.  I think its easy for children especially to get carried away, after all they still think Santa is footing the bill.  I have tried to get round this by explaining we send money to help the elves with the materials to build their toys.  Santa has toys for everyone of course but some children have more than others because of the donated money for materials.  I am trying to prepare them for a smaller Christmas this year but it is hard, especially as we have given too much in the previous years.  Silly really they were smaller and would have been happy with pretty much anything, usually the cardboard box got more attention than the toy!!!

Like the infographic I have got rid of presents for certain people, friends with children who get on well but we all agreed for affordability sakes to not bother buying each year.  It’s easy for the present buying to get out of control, so I have had to draw the line somewhere.  It’s tricky enough budgeting with the teacher’s (and million teacher assistants) thank you Christmas gifts from the boys, plus that’s spiralled to include the lollibop lady, the canteen staff and sometimes the office (it doesn’t hurt to keep those that spend the day with your children happy!).  So I have to rein in the gift buying somewhere.

Are you on track for Christmas?

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