Monday, 12 October 2015

Bissell PowerGlide launch and Cleaning Hacks

I am very excited to be on the list to receive a new cordless vacuum to review, there is nothing worse than getting stuck into your cleaning routine and then being restrained by the pesky power cords, just when you feel like your getting somewhere you have to switch off, unplug, find the next plug, switch back on before you can set off again!  It really makes the whole process take that much longer and ruins your momentum.  Speed is of essence I only have so long to blitz the house before I need to write a blog post then pick up the boys from school.

Bissell Direct seem to appreciate this though and on top of designing fabulous cordless vacuums to take the stress out of hovering they also work hard thinking up cleaning tips to help us all.  Let’s be honest cleaning seems never ending and pretty thankless, once the boys (and that includes daddy!) come home from school and work everything is quickly messed up all over again!  I do wonder what would happen if mummy went on strike but I think the place would be even more overrun with chaos than normal. 

I liked the following tip especially because using my keyboard a lot through blogging (and snacking late into the night!) it does get in to quite a state.  I would never have thought to use a ketchup bottle top in this way, but it’s a fabulous idea and one to stop me sucking up my precious keys into the hover itself.  My blog posts would be quite restricted if I was missing my most used letters…

I think this tip is quite clever to get rid of grime from your iron, have your iron on hot (not steam) and then iron salt!  I have tried everything before to restore our iron and it’s been so time consuming, but this quick fix sounds just the thing.

I look forward to letting you know how we get on with the Powerglide in due course.  Is it wrong but I am slightly more excited about cleaning now I know I have a fancy new product on its way to put through its paces.

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