Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Creating an intimate living room

I was thrilled when my new floor lamp arrived to review from LightingMajestic.  It’s added some much needed style and sophistication to our living room.  This house has bigger rooms so we are desperate for more accessories and furnishings to make the rooms appear inviting.  It’s part of our overall focus creating a more intimate living room.  We have laminate flooring and there can be quite an echo without much in the way of furniture to muffle the sound, but slowly and surely we are transforming the room.

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With winter on the way the right choice of lightening can really help lift the room, making it feel welcoming.  The nights are drawing in we want to spend more time tucked up comfortably in the living room.

I really love the detailing on the lamp itself; it’s a very contemporary design.  

The quality is very good, we did have an initial hiccup with a damaged shade but the company resolved that and issued a replacement so we are pleased with our experience overall. 

If you have been looking for a new floor lamp you really cannot go wrong at this price, especially as it is reduced from £120 at the moment to £96 (with free delivery on products over £50!).  I used to buy all my lighting products from a local shop, but the prices online are much more affordable.  When you are dealing with a project on the scale we are you really have to make savings when you can.

I am also lighting more candles, I love the scent and the flickering flame, I think it’s a delaying tactic to try and leave putting on the heating until the last possible moment.   We also have lots of blankets usually draped on the back of the sofa to snuggle into if it gets particularly cold.

As we have a large room it can be more of a challenge making it a homely space, with a lot of space to fill and quite a high ceiling, we had our work cut out.  I liked one suggestion I found online to place tall potted plants around the room; I may well attempt this suggestion because I really need to do something to make the room flow.  But my main priority is to get a couple of big chairs by the window as a little separate section in the room itself, as its wasted space currently.

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