Monday, 19 October 2015

Hot Wheels Track Builder Volcano Blast Review

My two return to their older Hot Wheels tracks every now and then so they do have lasting appeal, they had seen the latest addition advertised on television at their grandparents house so were very keen to review when the opportunity came up.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Volcano Blast has lots of features that will make it one of your most exciting track purchases to date!  The boys were kept occupied with this set for ages, using all their different Hot Wheels cars (of which they seem to have many!) to race down the four sides of the volcano each of them having something thrilling happening in at the bottom of the track.

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The set has an RRP of £36.99 and would make a wonderful gift this Christmas, your children will be thoroughly entertained if this is there first introduction to Hot Wheels tracks or as an addition to an already growing collection.  It is suitable for children 4+ and my boys aged 6 and 8 thought it was awesome, so it’s a set that can continue to grow with your children.  The scope is pretty endless because the tracks connect easily to other sets, you can soon have an epic race with all your friends and family joining in!

Hubbie said this was one of the easiest Hot Wheels tracks he has built to date and the end result was pretty sturdy.  I liked how it had more going on than some of the other tracks; with four different routes from the top of the volcano and one additional one through the bottom you encounter a total of five different stunts, the chomping dinosaur was one of our highlights.  

My favourite thing is the set doesn’t need batteries; batteries are one of those things that when they do run out I take an age to get round to replacing them, so anything without them is good in my books!  This set has definitely revitalised the boys interest in everything Hot Wheels, it gave hubbie and I an afternoon of peace to crack on with other jobs, always a bonus!

You can find more information from the Hot Wheels website and buy it from Amazon.

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