Thursday, 1 October 2015

How much does your tooth fairy pay?

I was rather shocked by an article on the OK magazine website where Celebrity Big Brother star Farrah Abraham gave her daughter £900 for loosing a tooth!  I personally think that’s excessive and ruins much of the magic of the tooth fairy, for one how could a teeny little fairy carry that many notes, you would need a fleet of fairies just dedicated to one child…

Then once you set that as the given tooth price she will also expect something similar next time making a rod for your own back, especially when you consider my youngest had three fall out in the same week (I would have to remortage the house at that rate!).  Here he is showing off his smile minus his top front teeth and one from the bottom.  I love that gappy smile they have until the next set arrive.

I think its far better to start modestly so children appreciate the value of money, mine are actually as grateful for the letter from the tooth fairy as much as the cash incentive.  But would I do things differently if I suddenly had cash to burn? Probably not because I have worked hard for what little we have so understand the worth of money, if your giving out £900 for one tooth how on earth can you top that for a visit from Santa!

What this infographic from SunLife Direct reassuringly shows is that what I pay is not that far out, we have a set tooth price of £1, which is pretty standard it would seem.  The average for Wales is £1.30 so I am possibly undervaluing the price of my boys teeth slightly, but not enough for me to consider re-evaluating what they receive from the tooth fairy.

Our price only fluctuates slightly here if the tooth was problematic coming out or it was a particularly big one!  Each tooth is then incorporated into an elaborate tale from the tooth fairy, used for items around fairyland which hubbie writes in a tiny little letter.  They are very happy with this arrangement, they never expect more than a £1 and if they do have more they are absolutely delighted!  When I say more it’s only ever by a few extra pence nothing too fancy, it’s just a bit more of a token gesture to acknowledge the most challenging teeth.

Are you about average or is your tooth fairy particularly generous?

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  1. I love this info graph - can't believe how it's changed! When I was little the going rate was 10-20p. My kids will be learning about inflation when their teeth drop out haha!