Thursday, 8 October 2015

How to spend your extra hour?

The clocks go back on the 25th of October, so technically you get a whole extra hour to do as you please!  It’s such a lovely BONUS finding a free extra hour when usually you are so pressed for time.  Although that does not quite work so well when you have children, because in all likelihood they will still wake up at the crack of dawn and then you will reluctantly turn the clock back another hour and feel even more knackered!  Even though technically you have not lost an extra hour sleep you still feel slightly cheated!!!  Their 6am wake up call turns into a 5am start…

But on the off-chance you can arrange a sleepover for your children at the grandparents on the night of the 24th then the following infographic from Tempur is quite handy.

Having felt inspired with these 20 things I could do I think I will ring my mum and sneakily not mention the clock change so I can take a nap!  Although some of the suggestions are nice to do together as a family.  We love playing board games; Ticket to Ride is our new favourite so the extra hour would let us fit in another game.  Eldest is getting quite skilled now and managing to complete all his routes!

I like the idea of ringing an old friend, I would agree with the fact on average, women say 833 words per hour, compared to men who only say 291 words.  I feel I do ALL the chatting and I would love if hubbie got more engaged in conversation with me, lately I think I have mainly been talking to myself and going on the amount of words I speak an hour I might as well be.  I think men must shrug and nod more in agreement but not much else.  So an hour chatting to an old friend would be a lovely luxury for me.

Apparently if you own a pet your 30% less likely to have a heart attack, so consider spending your extra hour taking them for an really long walk or throwing the ball.  They will be pleased with the attention and you could be improving your health in the process.

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