Saturday, 31 October 2015

My introduction to Landlust magazine

Yesterday evening I was feeling dreadful, washed out with a tummy upset, it was nice to have a lie down and flick through the pages of Landlust taking some time to recoup.  To celebrate their 10th anniversary they have developed a new website Landlust continuing to honour the spirit of the countryside (useful if you want to have a peek inside the magazine too!) and they also wanted to introduce bloggers like myself to their successful country living periodical.  

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The website is much like the magazine and also filled with wonderful photographs that will inspire you to cook and craft and transform your home and garden into a beautiful and welcoming space. 

It’s my first introduction to the magazine but I am sure it won’t be my last.  I can completely see why 1 million people buy the magazine it’s a lovely read, very enlightening and the information included is very easy to follow.  The magazine is priced at £4, it is a fair price as its not filled to the brim with adverts, I noticed only a couple the majority of the space is absolutely jam packed with useful tutorials to get you busy creating.  I am going to task hubbie to make the delicious looking Chocolate Loaf on the little booklet on the front of the magazine, he is a much more talented baker than me, so when I am feeling better a slice of cake might be very restorative.

With this being the November/December issue there is a section dedicated to creative Christmas decorations which I enjoyed the most.  Tracing stars was very straightforward but looks effective.

I liked seeing the simple fir trees for children to get them involved in making something, afterwards you could probably develop the theme and get them to craft mini decorations for them too!  Anything to keep the children out of mischief, let’s just say half term has been particularly tricky here!  Both the boys seem intent on battling each other, poor mummy is exhausted, so some craft suggestions to keep them focused on anything but fighting is ALWAYS very welcome here.

The next issue will come out on the 22nd of March 2016 and is all about spring, so look forward to pretty blooms and rhubarb recipes.

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