Sunday, 4 October 2015

Tearaway Unfolded PS4 Release

I was sent a rather fabulous present to celebrate the release of the new children’s Tearaway Unfolded game on the PS4.  Then I had a small problem the friend I thought had a PS4 only had a PS3, but undeterred I went to facebook and appealed to my fans to find a capable tester.  I had a very receptive bunch all eager to give it a try, sadly I could only pick one willing helper.  So here is what they thought of the game after playing it for a couple of weeks.

“I thought this game was very interesting and intriguing and I really enjoyed how the game developers have utilised the ability of the PS4 controller to make the game more fun and exciting.  What you could do with the controller was draw pictures on screen using the touch pad on the controller and use the controller light to complete in-game objectives.  The game play and graphics were very good as well and I would recommend it to children and for the family entertainment.”

So as you can see it was very well received in that particular household.  I ALMOST persuaded hubbie to let us have a PS4 before hunting out a tester, the game looks so colourful I felt a bit sad that as the owner of other consoles we do not have a chance to see what its capable of firsthand.  Atoi is such a unique lead character with that envelope shaped head; I love the originality of the visuals.  It’s a game that encourages your child to unleash their creativity too, having to draw pictures to progress in the game.  It’s good because it develops their artistic ability as they advance.

Some parts of the game are quite dark and atmospheric but its pitched at children 7+ so nothing too scary!

As you can see from this video, its quite surreal, like no game I have seen before, but that’s what makes it such a must buy!

You can find more information on the Playstation website but the fact you get to ride a paper aeroplane is enough of an incentive to get this game!  I am sure it will be on many Christmas lists and if not surprise your children with this title, gaming has never been so immersive or beautiful.

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