Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep Review

I was intrigued by the offer of a book to review that is pitched as a new way of getting children to sleep.  As you can imagine with my blog being called Missing Sleep lack of sleep has been a challenging issue for us over the years, so I was especially eager to try anything that promised to get the children off to the nod of land quicker and give us some much needed peace and quiet!

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I made a mistake though youngest overheard me telling hubbie it was a magical book that can help children go to sleep, so when I read it to him later he said quite resolutely “no book will ever control me…” he is quite a determined little character at six, so despite yawning more than normal he made a point of staying awake throughout the book.  “I can make anyone fall asleep” a sign in the book says – well youngest likes a challenge so for him he will do the exact opposite just to prove a point!  I on the other hand was only JUST managing to keep my eyes open and continue reading; all that yawning on cue when required by the book was certainly making me more sleepy than usual.  I can see why the book has been so successful helping adults sleep.

Despite not managing to fall asleep during the book, my youngest did go to sleep quicker than usual, once the lights were turned out and the book put away he was fast to settle down to sleep.  So I do think we had a certain degree of success, we probably would have been more triumphant if I had just kept the concept of the book to myself, but you live and learn! 

Personally I do love the idea behind the book and think it is very cleverly executed, but it is a completely different type of bedtime story so takes some getting used to.  It’s very repetitive with lots of signals to go to sleep, it’s almost like your trying to hypnotise your child to sleep.  The pictures are quite bland probably so as not to over stimulate the child and the passages of text are very long.  

Getting through the book took quite a while, especially with me following the suggested techniques so plenty of yawns including two every time I said the main characters name.  But it was very effective, my fake yawns soon turned into real yawns. 

I think The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep is a wonderful inexpensive gift (only £3.99 on Amazon at the moment, usually £7.99), it might work for all the sleep deprived parents out there, its certainly worth a try, it won’t break the bank and you might just find it works for you.

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  1. I was really interested in this book, sounds fab x