Monday, 26 October 2015

Turning your blog into a business

Blogging started out as a hobby way back in November 2011, as a means to document our memories together as a family (whether its was funny things the boys said or just a special moment we wanted to return to one day!) but gradually it snowballed into something else and my blog started to operate more like a business.

There are lots of things to consider if you decide to go down that route, most importantly if you start to earn an income from blogging you MUST register as self employed and keep a record of your earnings and outgoings (keep ALL your receipts!) for tax purposes.

Hubbie does my tax return but you can hire an accountant if needed.  It’s quite complicated for my poor bubblehead but there are lots of useful resources out there to help you work out what exactly you can and cannot claim as expenses.  It’s worth spending time making yourself familiar with your allowable expenses, so you do not get carried away with costs that you later find are not tax deductible (such as childcare or wine to help with writers block!).

I have been reading more frequently of bloggers taking out insurance to protect themselves from issues such as copyright infringement.  I must admit this is new to me but perhaps something that should not be overlooked.  I guess it’s about managing risk and having a policy in place would give you some much-needed reassurance.  I think it also helps to have a good source for free to use images (without attribution needed) like those on Pixabay so you do not get tempted to help yourself to images elsewhere and risk getting into trouble.

It’s hard blogging in one way you’re doing it alone, you do not have the backing of a larger organisation to look after you.  If you feel under the weather you do not have anyone who can jump in a write post for you (well unless you can coax your partner to come up with something).  I was looking at this work injury compensation calculator from CarrsSolicitors to see if anything applied to me, but fortunately it tends to only get as dangerous as repetitive strain injury from furiously tapping away on my laptop, although lifting a big review box could set me off with an aching back!

If you’re new to blogging continue to grow your audience and eventually those opportunities will come and before you know it you could be working from home too.  There are so many blogs out there it can help if you stand out in the crowd otherwise you might blend into the background.  Ideally you will excel at something, whether it is crafts, baking or just have remarkable photography to entice readers to follow you.  

My skill is questionable in all three areas… but still I hang in there regardless!!!  A lot can be said for steely determination.

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