Friday, 13 November 2015

A Visit To Eden Project

A couple of weeks ago my friends headed off to Cornwall and decided they would love to visit the Eden Project.  I offered them the opportunity to be my roaming reporters and take lots of photographs from their visit to feature on my blog, I would relish the chance to visit myself and it’s on my one day I will definitely get there list!  But for now I can enjoy looking through all their snaps from the day.

They visit Cornwall quite regularly but this was there first trip to the Eden Project, they were worried there children 3 and 6 might not be interested in what was available there, but they were very pleasantly surprised and they all had the most wonderful and very full day!

The children were happily occupied and intrigued in their surroundings, it’s a vast space to explore and discover so lots to keep them happy.  

A chance for children to try new things, Baobab smoothie anyone? Only £1.50 and includes the Baobab powder from Africa’s iconic trees!

Eden Project have a whole section of their website dedicated to Visiting with Kids so they do want you to be happy when you arrive with your family, they put on seasonal special events and have fabulous play equipment for your children to climb and investigate.  It is an educational experience that will really get your children thinking about the nature and conversation.  But its not dry or boring far from it, the exhibitions are so interesting your children might cheer with delight!

If you are planning on visiting make sure you book your tickets online and save an extra 10%.  It would have cost my friends £62 booking in advance which might sound expensive for a day out but the Eden Project is not just any day out… no here you are literally immersed in incredible sights you might never have seen before.  The Rainforest Canopy Walkway is nothing short of spectacular giving you access to breathtaking views.  I know my two would have an amazing time if we went to Eden Project so I think I do need to visit sooner rather than later.

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