Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Clothes For Christmas

My Christmas shopping has started; I was even a little bit tempted to wrap up the first present yesterday.  Really I should wait until I have a bumper pack of mince pies in the house and a bottle of baileys to fuel my bumper wrapping session.

I love this time of the year, finding bits and bobs I know my children will love to unwrap come Christmas morning.  The only thing is it’s getting VERY expensive and my eldest has had a growth spurt and needs new clothes, which is not at all well timed with an already expensive month.

I was debating whether to include clothes as presents for Christmas (along with the more exciting computer games, books and toys of course!) but I am worried they might get a frosty reception.  Do you ever give clothes to your children for Christmas and how enthusiastic are they to find them?

I have seen some lovely items on the esprit.co.uk website perfect to keep them warm this winter.  I just feel a bit mean if I get those items under the pretence of Christmas gifts… to be honest I think some of my friends do, its just the thought of seeing sad disappointed faces on Christmas day stops me.  Although I do think children get more fashion conscious as they get older and appreciate owning nice clothes.  I hope that’s the case, as I really need to justify the cost somewhere and giving clothes at Christmas would pad out their present piles quite nicely AND fill a more pressing practical need.

I guess I am lucky I have two boys eldest passes on his outgrown clothes to youngest, although sometimes its nice for my youngest to have something NEW just for him.  You feel a bit guilty just recycling his siblings clothes and I think it does bother them sometimes.  I have picked out some pyjamas for my youngest for Christmas and because they are Star Wars themed I don’t think he will grumble about clothes for Christmas this year!

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  1. My eldest has asked for clothes for Christmas...She's 13 so at that age where clothes really matter. lol My girls always get PJ's and a new dressing gown each too.
    I think buying something like clothes is a good idea. They're going to get used and like you said will impress them and make their piles look bigger...hehehe