Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Colt Express Review and #Giveaway

Hubbie and I have enjoyed playing more board games now the nights are drawing in, so we were eager to try Colt Express as it had won a “2015 Spiel des JahresAward (which is huge in the games industry!) so you know your on to something good then.

The layout is quite unique, I love the 3D design although I was at first perplexed how to play even with reading the instructions.  I do take a while to comprehend things these days; I blame the kids usually for making me feel so frazzled!  But watching a video by The Dice Tower it soon became clearer and once you have played a couple of games it’s quite easy to master and becomes fun to play.

It takes a while to build the train and carriages in the beginning but fortunately they can be stored whole in the box afterwards so it’s a one time build project!

Just think carefully which character you want to play as they each have their own special characteristic, I kept picking Belle but I think Ghost is a better choice.  I like how you can hide your first move if you play as him, which gives you a great head start, as the other players do not know what you are up too.

You all take your turns depending on the number needed for the event you are on at that particular time, turning your card upside down if your going through a tunnel and then you see how it plays out.  So even your best-laid plans can end up going astray, you might have planned to steal the loot but the other player went and moved the marshal meaning your straight on the roof instead!  We spent a lot of time punching the air because our moves did not quite work out…

The game gets progressively harder if you get shot a lot because you have a bullet card added to your deck so its difficult to have your best cards to play with, unless of course you miss a go to pick up more cards each time, which gives you less time to be picking up loot!  It’s a 10+ game but my eldest at 8 wanted to give it a try, he coped well so I am not sure if the age rating is the difficulty of the game or most likely due to the punching, shooting and looting going on during the game!

You can buy the game from Waterstones and Amazon, you can also find more information on the Esdevium website.  If you would like to win your own copy of Colt Express (RRP £27.99) then please fill out the form below by the 17th of December.

Colt Express Competition

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