Thursday, 26 November 2015

#ComeDinewithFV And ME!

I go to my parents every year for Christmas dinner, they kindly lay on all the food and drink and we get to enjoy their wonderful hospitality.  I know really that our turn is long overdue so when this competition came along from Furniture Village with a chance to win a dinner party package I just had to enter!  If I was lucky enough to win then I could spoil them with the sparking wine and indulgent luxury chocolates and begin to repay their kindness and generosity.  Let’s be honest my parents are not getting any younger and its my turn to make a fuss of them.

The hamper prize of course would certainly make it that much easier to host a dinner party, but the biggest highlight for me would have to be the Emily dining table and 4 cross back chairs from Furniture Village.  Our current dining table is if I am honest lacking, its been used a lot and its legs are a little wonky and the top is covered in marks from the boys crafting experiences.  On top of that it only has three chairs as one broke and has been replaced with a garden chair (so now you know why my dining room does not feature on my blog!).  The dining table is pretty central to any dinner party, it should create an impact, but mine creates it for ALL the wrong reasons.  When I eventually replace this one I will have to ban children’s crafts within a 1-mile radius of my new table!!!

The competition is simple enough to enter you just create a Pinterest board featuring your favourite dining table from Furniture Village along with five other products from their site to help you set the party scene.  It was a good excuse for me to work on something current on my poor neglected Pinterest page (I did kind of abandon it when I got addicted to instagram!).  Although this competition is quite a lot of fun so well worth creating a Pinterest account if you do not currently have one, as you also get to pick three celebrity guests you would like to join you at your party!  Is it wrong that I only want eye candy there?

I think it would be the dashing Hook from Once Upon A Time and Sam and Dean from Supernatural (I think they are handy to have around in case of an emergency, and let’s be honest my cooking is as scary as any supernatural event!).  I would want a relaxing dinner not an intellectually challenging meal, I just want to gaze into their eyes and swoon a little!  Forget asking burning questions, I will be too busy trying to ignore my burning food… (I hope they all like takeaway!).  I would choose the Hoxton dining set its lovely, throw in lots of baileys, an open fire and a good board game and I would be in my element.

When you have completed your board make sure you have filled in the form on their website detailing why you chose those three guests and including the URL of your Pinterest board.  Good luck with the competition, you can now see my entry here if you fancied having a nose!

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