Friday, 20 November 2015

Despicable Me Build-A-Minion Review

I really love the new range of MEGA BLOKS Minions.  I mainly thought MEGA BLOKS focused on big colourful bricks for younger children but how wrong was I!  These sets are for children 5+ and they will have lasting appeal, the film was a huge hit and the characters are so very likeable that its great to see MEGA BLOKS developing such an exciting product range.

We were sent the Build-A-Minion set (RRP £49.99), the boys had seen it advertised on television so were very eager to get their hands on it!  

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It’s quite a big project and the end result is very impressive.  Kevin is massive (nearly 40cm tall) when built and comes with some degree of flexibility so you can customise and rearrange different elements with ease, whether you want him happy or sad, tall or small, with or without goggles you have plenty of choice.  Giant Kevin also comes with his little pal a regular size buildable Bob figure.

I can completely understand why MEGA BLOKS Minions will be featuring heavily on Christmas lists this year.  I do not think we will stop with this one set now I have seen they have a castle (£69.99) for all the smaller minions to live in I feel we must also get that (mini Bob wants to live in style after all, somewhere more lavish than Kevin’s pocket!).  Plus you can make the most of the other features, the zip line and hidden passages, so a very interactive toy for your children.

You can have lots of fun as you build up your collection of different MEGA BLOKS Minions.  My two would really like making up their own Minions adventures and would also like mixing things up with the minion accessories. 

You can find out more information on the MEGA BLOKS site.

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