Monday, 9 November 2015

Eat Happy Project: Autumn Muffins

We were excited to be involved in another Tesco Eat Happy Project.  This time the recipe we were following was for the Autumn Muffins, just the thing with it getting colder and needing lots of wholesome and filling snacks to keep everyone in the family happy and most importantly healthy.  These muffins are an ideal way to encourage your children to eat more fruit and veg.

The boys were very keen to be involved in the kitchen again and if anything I would say their skill is definitely improving with practise.  It's wonderful seeing their confidence and enthusiasm growing.  Hopefully that passion for cooking will continue as they grow up.

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The Tesco recipes really help because they are so simple to follow and very clear, plus the video’s are very engaging, I think children enjoy seeing other children managing to successfully create these recipes as it inspires them to do the same.

It also is handy that Tesco make skills videos so you can get your children to watch them if they are trying something new or a bit tricky.  We found the grating one a benefit before eldest grated the carrots for the muffins, otherwise I panic they might injure themselves!  Yes I am that mum trying my best not to wrap them up in cotton wool and let them learn new things...

I was keen for us to bake something healthy that also looked pretty appetising; the boys liked sprinkling the oats and sugar on the top of the muffins and the crunching topping it created afterwards added great texture to the muffin.

The boys were so proud of their efforts they packaged some up for their grandparents, who gave them a glowing review.  I like seeing them pleased with their achievements.

The Autumn Muffins were absolutely delicious and jam-packed with goodness (carrot, raisins and apple), they were moist and moreish, to be honest the only problem is learning to eat them in moderation and not scoff them all in one sitting!  They go down nicely with a cuppa.

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